I write because I need the therapy. Struggling against memories of war is the fate of all soldiers returned from killing places. The fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan will create another generation of afflicted men and women. For those of you that have never made this journey, I hope you will welcome them back. They need your understanding. For you veterans, try the creative act, whatever that might be for you. It is the most powerful therapy I have discovered.

Many thanks to all the members of the writing groups that encouraged me and pressured me to do my best.

About Dennis

dennis_ruthSDennis Maulsby is a retired bank president living in Ames, Iowa with his wife Ruth, a retired legal secretary and his dog Charlie, a retired CIA operative. A son and grandson, Matt and Kaden, live in the Pacific Northwest. His poetry and short stories have appeared in Lyrical Iowa, The North American Review, Haiku JournalSpillway, The Hawai’i Pacific Review, The Briarcliff Review (Pushcart Prize nomination), and numerous other journals.

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Dennis in a workshop

In addition to writing published works, Dennis Maulsby conducts a variety of writing workshops, book signings, readings, and public appearances. Below are current available workshops. For pricing and other information Contact Dennis.

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