Frozen Chosin

This book is available for free download. I await comments on this prose.



  1. Carin Murphy

    A very exciting book extract. I really enjoyed reading!

  2. Linda Voit

    A very moving, difficult piece that will stay with me as so many of your poems have over the years. Free Fire Zone, if Frozen Chosin is any indication, will be an amazing collection of short stories.

  3. Beautiful website. Look forward to reading Frozen Chosin.

  4. Julie

    I agree with Deb – this is a beautiful website! I learned a lot about you, Dennis!

  5. Dennis, your poetry about your war experiences brings home for me the reality of what we have asked and are asking our young men and women to do for us in the name of freedom. Thank you…for serving this great country, the United States of America, and for your poems which truly have helped me understand. Awesome website!

  6. Your website is looking great! Thanks for letting me know about it. I look forward to reading more of your writing 🙂

  7. Gave this book as a gift to father-in-law. He loved it!

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