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Extract from the third story of Free Fire Zone entitled “A Chat with Uncle Ho.”

An old man was hunkered down in soft ashes and smoke, as still and quiet as could be. He wore one of those funny-shaped rice straw hats and a rain cape made the same. He was lucky, the drops was fallin’ like a mother’s hard tears. Splattin’ and making the embers hiss, they probably kept him from bein’ fried. Feathers of ragged smoke from the fires drifted across his wrinkled skin, coatin’ him with oil that smelt like burnt pig. His wispy beard and mustache were blackened and clotted.


Free Fire Zone, a book of seventeen linked short stories by Dennis Maulsby, published by Prolific Press. An extract from each of the stories will be posted, one a day. Lieutenant Teiglar struggles with multiple personality disorder — a berserker reptilian persona released in Vietnam attempts to become dominate.

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