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Frequently mentioned in articles, lectures, and informal conversations with successful writers is their early association with a writers’ critique group. Well functioning associations encourage their members, offer different perspectives, pass along knowledge about craft and marketing, nurse their folks through periods of writer’s block, and celebrate publishing and contest victories.
In my own case, the Burlington Society of Great River Poets fostered my desire and need to write. Their feedback improved my poetry skills, and their guidance and encouragement allowed me to self-publish my first book of poetry. The book has since won silver medal awards from two national veterans’ organizations. Other writers’ groups I have attended have been consistently supportive and nurturing. One thing I did have to learn: sometimes their critiques contained constructive comments about my work that I was not happy to hear, but those were the very things I needed to hear. Listening carefully and considering all suggestions much improved my writing.
Some groups are also literary powerhouses. In addition to promoting their members, they open the literary world to their communities. Through grants or self-financing visiting poets are scheduled, readings held, workshops and retreats offered, and programs presented to school and civic organizations. Many publish periodic collections of their member’s works.
If you are not already a member consider trying a group near you, the benefits are immense.

My favorite

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Dennis’s book Heart Songs is a must read!